People, relationships, and the shared stories that bind them together are at the heart of every family. Because of this, it is imperative to preserve the personalities and life-stories of those we love before time takes them—and our memories—away. At Life. Documented , we offer two types of video biographies to insure the people, stories, and traditions we cherish are available to future generations of family.


Mini Biographies, or Minis, are relatively simple and straightforward productions. They can be done in studio or on location and include various media overlays (e.g., video clips, photos, etc.) to accentuate and strengthen the interview. Minis cover a wide range of the subject’s life, from early childhood to the present. You choose the content of discussion. Follow the four-step process to get started!

Biographical Documentaries

Biographical Documentaries are full-scale productions that set out to tell a loved one’s story in documentary form. Multiple interviews with numerous interviewees are conducted, both on location and in-studio (if needed). Such productions make high use of so-called “B-roll” and mixed media to propel the story and hold the viewers interest. Finished Bio-Docs generally run anywhere from forty minutes to two hours and take months to complete. Contact us by phone to schedule a consultation. 

Four-Step Process

Schedule your consultation by clicking here. Consultations take place at Life. Documented, unless otherwise arranged.

You and a representative of Life. Documented will meet in person or by phone to discuss your Mini Biography. You will be given a packet (in person or virtually) that outlines the process in greater detail and tasks you with gathering various items necessary for the interview and/or its edit (e.g., select photos, etc.). The packet will also include a link to our online questions database. After you have read through the packet and gathered your materials for digitizing, you will be asked to use the link to submit your interview questions.

[Note: We will digitize your material photos to spec. Newer photos are most likely digital and, in such cases, will be submitted using our photo uploader. A link to the photo uploader will also be provided in your packet.]

Step three is on us. After we receive your questions and digital photos, we will contact you to schedule your interview. Be sure to review your interview packet prior to your interview, especially the section(s) covering preparation.

On the day of your interview, try and arrive at least 15 minutes early. We will go over a few last-minute items (signed Agreement, etc.) before we begin. Assuming current projects are running on schedule, a single Mini Biography (“Mini”) should be completed within four to five weeks. When completed, you can schedule to pick your interview up at Life. Documented or have it mailed to your home for an additional fee.

Do you value family history?

With a Mini or Biographical Documentary, you have the ability to preserve family history in a unique way. Generations will have access to familial stories and the loved ones associated with them, long after they have passed. Imagine the value.

Do you value smart investments?

Most purchases lose their value in a short period of time. This is not true of Minis or Biographical Documentaries. You will never regret the decision to have one produced. Each one is priceless.

Do you value unique gifts?

Simply put, Minis and Biographical Documentaries are unique and guaranteed to be loved. Period.

Our Portfolio

Enjoy the following excerpts. We value families and take pride in preserving their life-stories. Let us preserve yours.


Mini Biographies and Biographical Documentaries from Life. Documented are priceless keepsakes. Schedule your interview today! [NOTE: Biographical Documentaries are custom to each client. Contact us by phone to discuss your project.]


Enhance your Mini Biography with custom additions. Add photos, video clips, captions, narration, and more! Inquire for pricing.

Premium Package

Mini Biography (In-Studio)
  • Consultation
  • HD Digital (1080P)
  • Three Cameras (Multi-Angle)
  • 50 Questions + Follow Up
  • Full Edit
  • Section/Title Animations
  • Up to 50 Photos Scanned for Use in Production
  • Animated Photo Overlays
  • Up to 10 Video Clips (<1 Minute Each)
  • Royalty-Free Background Music
  • Custom-Engraved Drive
  • Custom Photo Case
  • Payment Plan Available
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An Exercise in Preservation

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