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Setting up your high school senior’s interview is as easy as one, two, three, four! Follow the four-step process to get started!
It’s time to turn the tassel. Your bouncing baby is now a high school senior. What will you do to preserve this defining moment? With a video interview from Life. Documented you can peer behind the veil and ask your senior the questions that matter most to you. Watch your son’s face light up as he discusses his taste in music or listen to your daughter discuss her life and career as she envisions it in ten years. It’s all up to you! As a bonus, with our premium package, you also get a thirty-five picture “life-in-review” slideshow. All of this is then put together in a customized gift case with engraved flash drive. Senior pictures are valuable, but a senior video interview from Life. Documented is priceless.

Check out our portfolio below and experience the Life. Documented difference.

Four-Step Process

Book and schedule your appointment by clicking here.
Download this primer. It explains what it is that we will be doing and how you can better prepare your high school senior for his or her interview. After you have done this, click here. A form will open up containing a list of questions that you will use as the basis for your interview. We ask that you pick [up to] twenty questions, or type your own in the spaces allotted. Click the submit button (on page two of the form). Questions must be submitted at least 24 hours before your scheduled interview takes place or your interview will need to be re-scheduled.
Submit thirty-five pictures of your son or daughter that reflect on his or her life, from infancy until now. This will be used to comprise the senior slideshow that will preface the interview. Submitted photos should be in the highest resolution possible (originals, not scaled down). You can upload your photos by clicking here.

Bring your son or daughter to Life. Documented for his or her interview. If you can, try and arrive at least 15 minutes early. We will go over a few last minute items (signed Agreement, etc.) before beginning the interview. You can download the Agreement here.

In most circumstances, your interview should be completed within two to three weeks. You can schedule to pick it up at Life. Documented or have it mailed to your home for an additional fee.

Do you value family history?

With a senior video interview, you have the ability to preserve family history, along with the glories of twelfth grade. Your great-grandchildren will have access to unfiltered interviews with their grandparents (your children). Interviews will be living, active, and relevant to the period of time in which they occurred. Imagine the insight.

Do you value smart investments?

Most of our purchases lose their value in a short period of time. This is not true of a senior video interview. You—or future generations of family—will never look back at an interview of your high school senior and wish you never had it done. A senior video interview from Life. Documented is priceless.

Do you value unique gifts?

To our knowledge, Life. Documented is the only company of its kind to offer senior video interviews. Interviews are unique and guaranteed to be loved. Period.

Our Portfolio

They grow up fast. Capture your high school senior’s personality today, with a video interview and slideshow from Life. Documented.


A senior video interview from Life. Documented is priceless. Schedule your high school senior’s interview today!
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