Do you all offer any kind of referral program?
Yes we do. You can learn more about our referral program by clicking here.

Children's Interviews

What can I expect when I come to Life. Documented for a children’s interview?
When you arrive for a children’s interview at Life. Documented, your interviewer will introduce him- or herself to you and your child. The focus is to make your child feel welcomed and safe. After this, the interviewer will take you and your child into the studio.

When in the studio, your child will be seated and lights, sound levels, and white balance will be adjusted accordingly. The interview will begin shortly and last about twenty to forty-five minutes. After the interview is over, your child—with parental permission—will be offered an opportunity to open our treasure chest and receive a prize for a job well done!

Currently, interviews will be completed within seven to ten business days and can be scheduled to be picked up at Life. Documented.

Will I be asking my child the interview questions, or will you?
Typically an agent of Life. Documented will interview your child. With this said, every child is different. It is quite possible that your child will not open up to a complete stranger like he or she would/will to you. In those cases, a parent will be permitted to interview his or her child. Please note that there is an art to interviewing and Life. Documented will not be held liable for poor edits resulting from a lack of proper interviewing skills. Parents who take this upon themselves will be briefly coached by a Life. Documented agent prior to the interview to help eliminate any potential issues during the interview.

A parent will always be in the room with his or her child while the child is being interviewed.

I want my child to do his or her best while interviewing. Do you have any suggestions?
The best thing you can do after you select your twenty interview questions is talk them through with your child beforehand. This is not this same as telling your child what to say during the interview but simply bringing to his or her mind things that he or she may not recall or think about if questioned on-the-spot. Preparing your child will avoid the “umms” and make for a rewarding interview.
I want my child to look his best for his interview. Do you have any advice?
Your child will be interviewed on a black backdrop, so having him or her wear colors that contrast with black is a good idea. Also, try to avoid having him or her wear clothing that is noisy. If your child is prone to fidgeting, it will be picked up on the microphone. One last thing. Skin, by its very nature, is oily. Studio lighting may cast a sheen on your child’s face that is unwanted. Powdering your child’s face before the interview will help mitigate this.
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